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Gourry's Journal

Bean Daddy's Mad Rambles

Bean Daddy
Perenial Ubergeek. Has been known to spontaneously shout, "Huzzah! Mosh mosh mosh!" Also known as "Mighty, Evil GM GAWD" and as "That pain in the ass" on different planes of existence.

Seriously? Aw, poo.

Edited back to something a bit more cohesive. - Gourry

Proud daddy of one seriously active bean.

Likes: Worms World Party, Mittens, Pizza Rolls, Cheesey Movies, Painting My Nails Pink, Skittles, and J-Pop.

Dislikes: Brussel Sprouts, Cream Cheese, Hummers (The Vehicle) and Man-boobies.

(also doesn't like his wife playing with his user info. lol) Yes, quite right, but I love you anyway

"AUUUUGH! MY LEG DOESN'T BEND THAT WAY!!!!!" <--- This shall be forever attributed to the asshat who hit me with his car when I was crossing the street.