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Four Down, Eighty Four to Go

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Jun. 10th, 2010 | 04:49 pm
location: Work

had to update the list, since I haven't been on in a dog's age.

31.Take down swing set
44.Shave head
59.Teach Noah to read on his own
79.Memory for JoAnn's computer

I did the first two late last year (shaved head for my 40th birthday and took down the swing set around the same time).

I cannot take the credit for #59, though. That honor goes to his wonderful 1st Grade teacher, Mrs. Kathy Biles. She was simply amazing as a teacher.

There is a variation to #79, which will also happen to other things on the list as some of the objectives will need to be changed due to other issues. Instead of memory, I got my wife a used laptop, which works far better than the desktop PC we were planning to upgrade. Now with the wireless connection, she does all her internetting and other diabolical deeds on it.

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