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Dear President Obama,

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May. 28th, 2010 | 09:40 am
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Thank you for taking a break from your busy schedule of fundraising to take another stop here to "lend your support" with the oil spill.

Well, if it is the same type of "support" that you have given to the other politicians you have been trying to get re-elected, we don't want it.

Also, if you have "been in charge since Day 1" of this mess, then that's not something to parade about as a good thing. It shows that the response of the Federal government was lacking, just like with Katrina. However, the blame for Katrina is spread amongst federal government, local government, and Joe Citizen too stupid/blase not to leave the area.

This, on the other hand, falls on the Feds. From the beginning, LOCAL GOVERNMENT WAS ASKING FOR HELP. Your response, the equivalent of shrugging your shoulders. We ask to build berms to protect the coast, "We'll get to approving your permit just as soon as we finished having a manicure."

I'm also a wee ticked that local government, not getting a fast enough response from the Feds, didn't just say, "screw this" and start with the clean up and berms, and deal with the consequences later.

Stop dragging your feet, Mr. President. Stop dragging your feet.

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